My work is expressed through various visual art mediums; namely, textile work, drawing and painting.

In my work I examine how my inner self (experiences, memories, feelings) relates to the world, therefore, touching not only on personal issues but sociopolitical ones too. The content often touches upon feminist and intersectionality theory, exploring the woman’s body and her sexuality: both the ideas and conceptions but also the body as pure form.

While the body has always played a central role in my work, recently it has developed towards a more abstract figurative style where bodies, body parts, objects and patterns are puzzled together into collages allowing a different story to be told, one that fuses the conceptual and physical more explicitly and fluently.

My textile work has its foundation in clothing design and I quickly started to attempt mixing traditional, experimental and innovative pattern making techniques to the design of garments, with a philosophy that accepts fashion as a form of art.

In recent years however, I have developed an inner conflict regarding the fashion and clothing industry. This has caused me to push my textile creations into a more abstract direction where I study textile materials in different relations to the body other than a wearable piece of clothing, exploring what happens if I instead of creating for the body, include the body in my work.

2010-2014 Bachelor of Arts with focus on Art History, Uppsala University, Sweden

2009-2010 Pattern making and sewing, Academy of Cutting and Tailoring, Gothenburg Sweden

2006-2009 Upper secondary School, Design program, Dragonskolan Umeå Sweden

2005-2009 Upper secondary school, Fine Art, Midgårdsskolan Umeå Sweden

2016 Grant for textile project, Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse, Sweden

2016 Work on commission, costume designed presentation clothing for brewery Westerbottens bryggeri

2013 Work on commission, costum designed brewing jackets for brewery Westerbottens bryggeri

2011 4 months Internship The T-shirt Issue, design studio Berlin

2011 Costume designer, short movie by production company 5R.

2011 Stylist, music video made by Alex Forge.

2010-2011 Costume designer, theatre play "INTERNET IDENTITY", Berlin/Paris

2010 Work on commission, wedding dress

20-28.10.2017 Solo show [fe]male gaze, Retramp Gallery Berlin

16.09.2017 Group show, Drawings, Evening of Erotica, Malmö Sweden

13.10.2014 Fashion show, Group show / Final show, Umeå Fashion Week Award,

Umeå Fashion Week

14.01.2013-19.01.2013 Group show Gallery ReTramp Berlin

2012 Group show, 48 Stunden Neukölln Art Festival, Gallery ReTratry Berlin

08.07.2011 Group show, Berlin Fashion Week, SHOW0711 and Edged Showroom

05.03.2011-06.03.2011 Group show , RSP Gallery Berlin / Berlin Collect

11.12.2010 Group show, Fashion show, Gallery Marzia Frozen, Berlin

23.10.2010 Group show, Your mum Gallery Berlin