What is a body? How do we relate to our own, and those of others? How are bodies used as a form of expression? What can I express through my body?

The body represents such an obvious, straightforward, physically tangible part of ourselves, yet is at once the holder of so many (at times seemingly endless) systems, symbols, emotions, opinions etc. It can be considered our most fundamental element, yet is also one of the most emotionally and politically charged themes within society and culture.

Using my own body and the experiences and emotions that stem from it, I work with sculpture, installation, and drawing as my main mediums. By using the personal as political and the political as personal in a contemporary context, a concept often mentioned within feminist art, I touch upon questions regarding today's feminism, perceptions and experiences of bodies, emotions, our sexuality, and strive to study the relationship between "the body" and "ourselves".

Textile is the primary material within my sculptures, but I also work with new materials such as Kombucha SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast).

This is a live, organic material which I cultivate from the mother culture (the SCOBY) in large trays containing tea, sugar and vinegar. I then harvest and dry the grown SCOBY to form a leather-like, biodegradable material. 

The environmental aspect is important to me, and I am therefore interested in working with biological, recycled, or otherwise environmentally-friendly materials.

My work is effected by my experience with clothing design, where my intention was to mix traditional, experimental and innovative techniques into a design as a form of art. Over time however, I developed an inner conflict regarding the fashion and clothing industry.

This, together with many years of having a complicated relationship with my own body and the need to find an outlet for that, caused me to push my textile work into a direction where I use the materials in different relation to the body; asking myself what happens if, rather than working for the body, I endeavour to include and integrate it within my work.

In the project, 'If you were your own' (2019), I focused on the nature of anxiety, asking myself what form it might take if 'anxiety' itself could manifest as a separate, physical entity in its own right. 

I expressed these reflections in the form of crochet; a process which, for me, is slow, repetitive and almost obsessive A process which, due to the slow passage of time involved, made me develop an ambivalent relationship to the sculpture, consisting of comfort and protection, but also fear and antipathy.

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