The complexity and signification of the body fascinates me; how something so concrete and straightforward can also be so complicated and difficult. How views on, and definitions of, sexuality, normality and obscenity are woven in and through our physique and subconscious.
My practice is both conceptual and confessional, with great focus on the process, body and the experiences that stem from it. Through that, I hope to approach questions on what a body is, what it can be, and on the relationship between the "body" and “ourselves”.
I mainly work with textile and mixed media sculpture, often using techniques and methods otherwise associated with crafts and pattern cutting, but also installation, video and performance.
The materials play an important role and I aim to use as much recycled, ecological or otherwise environmentally friendly materials and methods as possible. I’m drawn to the limitations and challenges of using second hand materials and intrigued by the emotional and intellectual history of the objects.