The complexity and signification of the body fascinates me; how something so concrete and straightforward, can also be so complicated and difficult. How views on, and definitions of, sexuality, normality and obscenity are woven in, between and through, our physique and our subconscious.

With a strong focus on the process and with my own body as well as the experiences and feelings that stem from it, I work with textiles, sculpture and drawing as my main mediums. By connecting the personal and the political in a contemporary context, I approach questions regarding perceptions of bodies, bodily experiences and the relationship between the "body" and ourselves.

There is a strive in my work towards that strange, uncanny place, consisting of both pain and humor. Towards something insecure and uncomfortable, yet unapologetic.

I’m interested in slow processes. I like repetitive and almost obsessive working processes that brings me to a state that I guess could be described as meditative. A sense of calm while on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

I like how it allows me to spend time with the object and developing a relationship to it, no matter how ambivalent that relationship might be. These relationships often consist of comfort and protection, but also fear and antipathy.