Löken Blommar

Löken blommar (The onion is blooming)

I bought a flower. And one more. And then I couldn’t stop.

The use of the body in my work has sometimes been both mentally and physically stressful and the last year a need for playfulness has been emerging; to be able to use parts of my body in a way where they can be just parts of a puzzle without charges or values.
In my praxis and in the body parts that I twist, turn, repeat and distort into new entities of their own, there is sometimes a longing for objectivity towards the subjective, and I wanted to make another attempt.
I like to work with recycled materials since a long time, and previously mainly textiles. Nowadays I include other materials to a larger extent and for this exhibition I’ve used, in addition to textiles, found or second hand objects, as well as jesmonite castings of my body.

Solo Exhibition, Galleri Alva Umeå SWE 2022