For MAN på Feministisk vecka, Museum Anna Nordlander, SWE

Positions consists of three sculptures based on elements of my drawings. I wanted to see what would happen if my two-dimensional work was less separated from my three- dimensional; if I instead tried to include the drawings in the sculptural process in a more direct way.
The action of drawing usually happens instinctively, fast and uncontrolled, and I keep returning to specific body parts that I twist, turn, repeat, distort to absurdity. I have tried to approach these sculptures as if I was working with drawings.

Even though neither Positions nor my drawings are pure self-portraits, my image of, conflict with and confusion around me and the body is still, as always, in some way present.
The titles are based on various yoga positions. I then entered Urban Dictionary1 and typed in the titles one by one. The definitions I found were so absurd, twisted or unsettling that I had to do something with them, which led to the making of the video Positions.